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20ft Container Shipping To Australia From UK

Container shipping to
Australia from UK

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Using 20ft container for shipping items from the United Kingdom to Australia is a service that is often used by businesses. A 20 ft container is exactly 589cm x 235cm x 239cm (in height). This could easily handle a whole lot of items with its 33.2 cubic metres capacity.

When using a 20ft container for shipping there are two common terms that are often used—break bulk and bulk. Break bulk is another terminology for non-bulk items which do not use containers when packed. Instead, the items are placed in pallets, crates, drums or sacks. Yes, break bulk is common for fresh fruits and vegetable. On the other hand, bulk is used for items which need to be transported in huge quantities. This is typical for transporting products like oil, core and others.

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Shipping to Australia Services offered:

  • Removals Boxes Only Service
  • Free Storage for Upto one month.
  • Part Load moves (Not a full removals vehicle)
  • Dedicated Removals Vehicle – Various Sizes
  • Packing Service

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Another consideration when shipping from UK to Australia using 20ft container is the type of shipping used. There are different vessels which are specifically designed to handle loading of various items when shipping to Australia. The most common option when transporting 20ft containers is the container vessel. This can accommodate several 20ft and 40ft containers. Roll-on-roll-off or more often called as roro, can do the job too. These are smaller vessels but can load both the cargo and passengers. There are also tankers which are more preferred for liquid products that have to be shipped in bulk. For loosely packed items and those which do not require special vessels, there are general cargo ships too.

For costs, there are far too many factors which have to be considered. Hence, the price may vary from one shipping company UK to another even if the same 20ft container is used. The actual ocean freight is standardized among companies. That is because it is determined by the fees imposed by shipping companies. However, for individuals and businesses which need frequent shipping, companies usually offer a discounted rate.

Charter vessel rates are also affected by the ongoing demand on supply during the time of shipping. It is quite understandable that peak seasons would make the rates increase a bit. On the other hand, off peak season would be cheaper plus the companies usually offer discounts for clients to boost the business during such times.

When the cargo is loaded to the shipping company’s vessel, they will also be in charge of dealing with clearance tariffs once it reaches the port of destination. Yes, this will also affect the total amount which has to be settled.

Since UK and Australia use different currencies, the fluctuation in exchange rate can cause varying computation. This is called Currency Adjustment Factor or CAF. Of course, when the exchange rate is higher, the costs would increase too.

Computing the total amount of fees is also affected by Bunker Adjustment Factor or BAF. This is determined by the adjustments with oil price. It is an action taken by shipping companies to ensure that they would not be hurt by the oil price.

There may be multiple factors that could affect the price and tariffs for shipping 20ft container from UK to Australia but the company should help you out in quotations.

Shipping to Australia – Container shipping to Australia from UK

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