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Container shipping from UK to

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The 40ft container has always been a reliable means of shipping goods from Australia to UK. This is often used by businesses when transporting a wide variety of merchandise—from perishable goods to dry products. Aside from business needs, this is also a great way to ship personal belongings, furnitures and other items when moving houses.

Whether you need a 40ft container for shipping from UK to Australia because of business or because you are moving to a new home, there are some aspects that you have to closely look into. That way, you can pick the one which will truly suit your needs.

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Shipping to Australia Services offered:

  • Removals Boxes Only Service
  • Free Storage for Upto one month.
  • Part Load moves (Not a full removals vehicle)
  • Dedicated Removals Vehicle – Various Sizes
  • Packing Service

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40ft containers come in different types. If it is used solely for shipping, you can just rent the available ones from various freight companies. There are different designs of containers to choose from like the flat rack containers, dry containers, open containers, just to name a few. Enclosed and dry containers are ideal for shipping furnitures and personal belongings because this ensures that everything is intact when shipping a 40ft container from the UK to Australia. So long as all your things are arranged properly, you do not have to worry about breakage. For increased amount of available space, some people opt for the open containers. These are the ones with enclosed walls but the top is not covered. It works for some items which have great height. For special needs, there are also containers which have built-in cooling system that are designed specifically for perishable goods and those which need to be kept frozen throughout the shipment process.

There are a lot of shipping companies within the UK and they also offer a wide array of services these days. The market is becoming competitive so companies strive hard to outshine each other. This is good news for customers, just like you, because it means having more options and getting pocket-friendly rates.

Full liability cover is often provided which means that the company will take extra care of your belongings upon receiving it until delivery. You can also avail complete packing, preparation, unpacking and delivery of items. If you arrange for such services, there will be experienced crew who will be assigned to help you out in the entire process. They will also deliver the items, unpack them and set it up in your specified location.

Freight handling comes with the services of shipping companies too. Even if you have items which need to be shipped to Australia with extra care, you can also arrange for special crating services. This is good for items that are made of glass, ceramics, delicate paintings and other belongings which can be easily broken.

If you are getting services from UK shipping company, make sure that you will also declare all contents. That way, customs would not question the contents which could lead to delay and hassle. Australia does not allow importation of agriculture products, perishable items, fresh meat and vegetables without proper permit and approval. So, forget about sneaking some of these products by putting them in between other dry goods. Usually, when the package is delivered to the port of destination in Australia, customs officers also perform thorough inspection before it is released.

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