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About Germany

About Moving to Germany

Germany is situated in the heart of Europe with nine bordering countries and is famous for the great classical musicians Beethoven and Bach, and now for the progression of Techno Music, for masters of literature; Goethe, Schiller and many more, for beautiful, definitive and gothic architecture seen across the country, for several varieties of beer, for the production of the stylish Mercedes Benz brand, and also for the less favourable, but probably more well known, association with World War II and the Holocaust which holds a great sense of powerful history, depth and sadness for this country and yet this has been overcome with an impressive rebuilding of community in respect to both physical, emotional sides and most of all fun since those horrific times.

Known worldwide for its political dividing Wall, Berlin is now a city of great history, interest and fun. Since being dismantled in 1990 there is little left of this once significant structure to see, only the path it followed and the iconic Brandenburg Gate remain.

Berlin has rejuvenated its social aspects with a vibrant night life in the many bars, restaurants, nightclubs, opera and concert venues, and famous cabarets available in the city. During the warm and sunny summers the outdoor cafes and stalls in the beautiful parks + gardens, especially the Tiergarten, are filled with special events and entertainments. The Tiergarten is now a tranquil and relaxing area with many memorials and statues symbolising significant points from German history, great for sight-seeing and enjoying a break from the busy city life.

After the long separation of the city you can still see the division by the architectural genres of each side. The West has urbanised with skyscrapers, modern shopping centres and large urban developments, where as the East remains traditional with mainly pre-War buildings and architecture completing this side of the city.

Regularly overlooked as a tourist destination, Frankfurt is the industrial centre of Germany. Home to major financial and transport businesses, Frankfurt is a very important city not only throughout Germany but also Europe. The historical core of the city, Romerberg, has had many of the original buildings that were destroyed in World War II reconstructed to form the basis of tourists sight-seeing in Frankfurt.

Well known for regular Trade Fairs, corporate exhibitions and conventions attracting approximately twelve million people every year, Frankfurt also hosts many artistic and cultural events, boasts a shopping experience equated to that of New York’s Fifth Avenue, known as the Zeil and presents several unique and intriguing restaurants in the Nordend area of Frankfurt to you to discover and enjoy time after time!

Germany’s second largest city, Hamburg lies on the Elbe River, has a large canal network similar to that of Venice, two artificial lakes and around 1400 public parks and gardens which collectively have earned Hamburg the prestigious title of Germany’s ‘Green City’. Hamburg is a great tourist destination with lots of entertainment, local interest and an extremely vibrant nightlife.

Hamburg gained its status through its geographical position enabling it to become a major trading port for not only Europe but also globally.  Hamburg suffered from a great fire in 1842 which destroyed a great deal of its infrastructure, then during the bombing raids of World War II Hamburg was targeted due to its trading importance and was practically demolished. Having suffered these catastrophes parts of the city remain with its original buildings in-tact.

These surviving buildings are now muddled between contemporary and modern structures which create an eclectic mix of architectural periods and styles in every direction. Once solely occupied by trade, the harbour area of Hamburg has been developed into an entertainment hub, the new regeneration of the ‘Warehouse District’ offers; bars, restaurants, shopping and much more to suit people of all ages. To get a full feel for the city of Hamburg, do not forget to visit the notorious red-light district, known as the Reeperbahn, which is full of party animals and flashing neon it is difficult to miss!
Central to southern Germany, Munich is an extremely popular destination for both holiday visits and permanent relocations.

It combines traditional German charm and history with hints of modernity and sophistication with several designer shops, high class restaurants and bars and great museums, historic artworks and beautiful examples of both Gothic and Baroque architecture for all the culture vultures!  World famous for its two week beer festival “Oktoberfest” which has run every year since 1810, recently around six million people visit this festival and consume nearly six million litres of beer!

This festival emphasises Munich’s beer industry with its very popular breweries and beer halls with traditional bands bringing a real taste of Germany to its visitors.  Along with this major attraction, Munich is very close to the Bavarian Alps which attracts all the lovers of winter sports to the city!

Overall Germany has something to offer everyone; deep set traditions and history kept alive and active, beautiful unspoilt scenery, striking monuments depicting the vast history, fast paced, hi-tech modern cities and quiet, sleepy country villages. So depending on what you are looking for, Germany has the village, town or city for you.


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