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Moving to Birmingham

Moving to Birmingham UK

As the beating heart of England’s West Midlands region, Birmingham is home to a vibrant cultural scene, a host of Industrial Revolution-era landmarks, and more than one million people. Every year, Brits and foreigners alike flock to the city in their thousands. From exciting new work opportunities to a simple sea change, it’s a fantastic place to relocate. In fact, the city boasts the 10th highest quality of life in the UK, and ranks 52nd on a global scale. No wonder so many people want to move to Birmingham!

If you’re planning a big move to Birmingham, we’ve put together a locals guide covering everything you need to know about relocating to the ‘Magic City.’

Get to know the ‘Steel City’

Birmingham played a pivotal role in the UK’s Industrial Revolution, and today it’s brimming with landmarks that celebrate its mechanised past. Dating back to the 18th-century, the city is peppered with buildings that reflect its history as a manufacturing powerhouse.

Cruise the canals

Any local Brummie will testify that the city’s canal network is one of its biggest claims to fame. No matter what Birmingham suburb you’re moving to, you’re bound to find yourself sipping on a coffee or nursing a pint at one of the many trendy establishments found at Sherborne Wharf.

Get cultured

The city is home to a myriad of fantastic cultural attractions, including the fantastic Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, which is famous for its pre-Raphaelite masterpieces. Spend a day or two exploring the city’s artistic roots, and you’ll fit right in.

Eat up a storm

Birmingham is home to one of the UK’s most vibrant foodie scenes, and eating your way through the city is a great way to get acquainted. TripAdvisor and Zomato are both great places to read reviews, and find out what other people are loving. From ultra-stylish fine dining restaurants to hole in the wall food stalls, the city is overflowing with flavour. Not to mention being the home of Cadbury’s Chocolate. If that’s not reason enough to move to Birmingham, nothing is!

Public transport

As far as public transport is concerned, Birmingham is more or less on par with London. The city is well-connected by a network of pedestrian routes and cycle ways, as well as railway stations, bus interchanges and metro stops. While you’ll need to hire a removal van or company to help you make your move to Birmingham, once you’re settled in the city it is possible to be 100% reliant on its great public transport network.

The final move

Moving house can be an incredibly stressful time, especially if you’re relocating to a major city like Birmingham. Make your move as smooth as possible by enlisting the help of a trusted moving professional. From the initial load to the final unpack, look for companies that treat your possessions with respect, no matter how big or small the box.

Ready to make your move to Birmingham? Get in touch today to chat about how we can help you move to the UK’s second largest city, and embrace the ‘Brummie’ way of life in no time.

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