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Box and Parcel Shipping to Greece

Greece has one of the world’s busiest maritime ports, Piraeus, and has several international and domestic airports, which makes box and and parcel shipping to Greece easy and convenient. That is why most international parcel delivery companies offer box and parcel shipping to Greece.

There are many international shipping or courier companies in the internet which allows you to book their services online. You won’t even have to leave the comforts of your home or you won’t have to leave your office desk to drop off your parcels. Box and parcel shipping companies usually offer a pick-up service.

They also have tracking systems which does not only tell you if your shipment has arrived at its destination but informs you of its status during transit as well so you’ll know where your parcel exactly is at any given time.

It’s also easy to compare prices and shipping rates online. Be careful and try not to base your preference on prices alone. A cheap parcel delivery service does not automatically mean that it is the best choice. Find out why it’s cheaper. Maybe it does not provide services that other companies provide.

Check with the company if it provides insurance coverage. This is extremely important especially when shipping goods of considerable value. Some courier companies include insurance fees in the computation of shipping fees which might explain why they are higher. Find out if the shipping company has a good reputation and look for customer feedback on the internet.

Parcel delivery companies differ greatly in reputation. Keep in mind that a parcel delivery service must be consistently efficient. There is no room for mistakes.

Box and parcel shipping to Greece is a breeze when you find the right courier or shipping company. Before turning over your parcel or box, make sure that it is properly packed using sturdy materials to prevent damage to the contents. For fragile objects, use a lot of bubble wrap to cushion it from bumps and impact during transit. Make sure also that it does not contain items which are not allowed entry in Greece. Some of these are:

• Firearms and bladed weapons
• Precious metals like gold, platinum and silver
• Precious stones and jewelry
• Coins
• Pets and other live animals
• Live plants
• Biological organisms and substances, whether or not infectious
• Tobacco and cigarettes and items used in producing the same like cigarette papers and aluminum foils
• Playing cards

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