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Box & Parcel Shipping to USA America


Indeed, it is best to travel light. When going away on a trip, one should pack up only the necessaries. Everyone knows that. Aside from the ease of not having to lug around extremely heavy luggage, traveling light will save you from paying excess baggage fees.

Traveling to the U.S. is full of frightening stories about having to pay huge amounts for excess baggage fees. This has caused most people to limit their shopping, to refrain from buying that beautiful but extremely heavy jar, and to consider buying a bronze statue out of the question. There are some, however, who have resorted to shipping their boxes instead of bringing them along on the flight. In fact, over the last few years, this method has gained popularity.

This is because box shipping to USA has been made more convenient and hassle-free than ever. Since excess baggage fees have always been a big deterrent for tourists or travelers to shop until they drop, shopping meccas all over the world now abound with shipping and freight companies which offer international box shipping to USA. One setback in availing this service is the length of time it takes for shipped boxes to arrive. Depending on their point of origin, delivery times may vary from a few days to a several. This would not matter though if you are not in a hurry.

One of the best features of box shipping is its flat rate. The cost of shipping does not depend on the weight or dimensions or the value of the items being shipped. Unlike other modes of shipping items which are calculated according to those factors, box shipping charges a fixed and flat rates which are based on the sizes of the boxes. The idea is to fill the box because the shipping fee is the same whether it’s half-full or filled to the brim or whether it’s extremely heavy or feather-light.

Make sure that your boxes and adhesive tapes are strong and sturdy. Most box shipping companies also provide packing services. Their packing experts can pack your items for you professionally using the most appropriate packing materials. The condition in which your items will arrive largely depends on how they were packed. When shipping electronic and fragile items, it is best to consult and ask for assistance from the shipping company.

Box shipping to USA is the only way to travel light. With box shipping, you can shop to your heart’s content and say goodbye to hefty baggage fees!


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