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Cost-Effective Ideas when Moving Furniture Abroad

Moving furniture abroad is not a problem if you are relocating to another country. This is because these days, there are just too many international shipment and removal firms that are offering such a service. You could opt to bring with you all or some of the important and sentimental furniture, appliances, and other household or personal items when you move your home and your entire life into another location outside your present country.

However, you should always ask yourself: Would moving furniture abroad be ideal? You have all the personal reasons to bring your things when you move. But it surely is not a good idea if you would take into consideration the expenses. The costliness of moving furniture abroad would surely add up to the already stressful and problematic process of relocating overseas. So how could anyone keep costs controlled and minimal when moving internationally? Here are several helpful ideas.

First, weeks before you plan to go, be sure to make a simple but comprehensive list of all the things that you would ship abroad. After completing the list, perform a simple reevaluation so you could determine how many or which items you could possibly take with you when you move to your new international address. Be open to the idea that you could not possibly take everything you own. Admit it that you would inevitably have to leave some items behind to be able to save on costs.

Second, it is not advisable to ship to overseas destinations bulky and heavy furniture like beds, sofas, wardrobes, kitchen appliances, and armchairs. This is because such items would logically require special packaging, handling, and shipping charges. In most cases, the shipping fees you would shoulder could easily exceed even those items’ original tag prices. Have you ever considered buying new items when you reach your new address? It could even help you save on costs than shipping your old furniture.

There are usually two main types of shipping overseas :

Through air or through sea. While it is true that air freight is speedier and much more secured, coursing your items via sea would be much costlier. If you are to ship many and heavy items, sea shipment would be the best. Just be reminded that it may take several weeks or months before the items are actually delivered, but it would be worth it. You may also opt to ship your items to your new address several weeks before your scheduled relocation.

When moving furniture abroad through sea, be sure you are taking the shared vessel option. This means that your furniture would be carried in a shipping container together with the furniture of another person who is also moving to the same location. This option would help you save so much on shipment costs. It is not advisable to get single- or exclusive-container shipment as doing so would surely make you pay more for shipping and handling fees. Think it carefully over.


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