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Cost of Shipping Boxes to Greece

If you are a regular user of one of those popular online auctioneering or shopping Websites, you surely are familiar about the usual cost of shipping boxes to Greece. Most of such shopping sites are also offering shipping options to their customers. Are you into online commerce? If shipping boxes to Greece is your main concern (especially if you have not done it before), there is no need to worry further.

There are now many global shipping companies that offer services covering Greece. The country is now one of the most popular destinations of shipments coming from many different parts of the world (like the US, the UK, China, and more). The cost of shipping boxes to Greece has been standardized to that you are more likely to know just how much you need to shoulder for the activity.

The most practical benchmark for knowing the cost of shipping boxes to Greece is the cost of shipment from North America. Standard shipping rates are applied. Logically, a small box that contains not-so-heavy items like books, CDs, souvenir items, and other light objects could cost about $4. As usual, the lighter the box is, the less likely it would incur additional charges.

If you are shipping boxes to Greece through priority shipment means, prepare to spend more. The same light or small box described above could be require up to $22 in shipment costs from North America to any point in Greece. The heavier the box gets, the more likely it would incur additional shipment and handling charges.

How about any surcharge costs? These may not be avoided in international shipment, especially if you are shipping boxes from far countries in non-European locations to Greece. In North America, for instance, the same box could incur a standard surcharge shipment fee of $6. For priority or expedited shipping, additional charges could reach up to $10. These costs would be added on top of the standard charge applied to the original shipping cost of boxes to Greece.

Take note that the heavier the box gets, the more expensive it would be when shipped to anywhere in Greece. There would not be much problem if you are located anywhere in continental Europe and you are shipping boxes to Greece. Not much hassle would be incurred if you are from any country in the European Union. This is because the geographic boundaries and the manner of shipment may not require much handling. The usual tariff or duty costs implemented in international shipments may also be possibly waived.

How about the duration of delivery of shipment? It could vary from a range of just about 2 days to as long as 31 days or more. Again, this would depend on the location of the origin of the shipment. Delivery could be much faster if you are within the continent. Expedited and priority shipment may still take several days if you are in North America, South America, or Asia. This is standard because most shipments are carried via sea vessels.

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