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Etiquette Of France

Etiquette of France

Movecorp has a weekly removal service to France covering all regions. We can transport anything from a few boxes on our space sharing part load service to an entire house full of items including furniture, vehicles and pets on our dedicated service.

If finally realising your dream of moving to one of the most romantic countries in the world then it will be worth your while to know the etiquette of France.

Probably the most important point is to never start a conversation with a French person in English so, even if you’re grasp of the language isn’t great, try to at least say hello in French and that shows you are being polite.

When working in a office it is important to say hello and shake hands with everyone you work with and anyone you pass in the hall as if you don’t you will be seen as rude.

Kissing on the cheeks is another minefield of dos and don’ts. Basically with friends and family you kiss both cheeks in the office with women you know reasonably well it is the done thing, but let the woman lead as she may see it as rude to kiss if it is not appropriate.

You must respect the hierarchy at work and not cross lines as this is seen as a no-no and you should always be aware of this as it is as important as what you achieve.

Do take lunch hours and coffee breaks which are seen as almost sacred in France and you could be seen as slightly strange if you work through them.

So as long as you get your manners and etiquette right you should have a great time in France once you’ve moved with the help of an excellent removals company.


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