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Exhibition Stand Airfreight Worldwide

Exhibition Stand Airfreight Worldwide

In a globalised world, more and more businesses are looking to engage on the international stage. That includes taking part in exhibitions and events, everywhere from the heart of Europe to the shores of Australia and America.

Increasingly, there are important events in places like Dubai, India and China that UK companies want to have a presence.

But how do you get your cutting-edge exhibition there on time and in one piece?

The answer is Movecorp’s exhibition stand airfreight transportation worldwide. Our professional logistics team is on hand right now.

Companies put a lot of work into exhibition stands nowadays. It’s not just about eye-catching banners and a table stacked with promotional gifts anymore. There may be electrical equipment such as televisions and computers, large products from cars to virtual reality suites. All need to be transported safely to these worldwide locations in one piece and on time.

Choose the exhibition stand airfreight team that knows how to deliver anywhere, anytime.

  • Movecorp has a great deal of experience of handling bulky and intricate stands and equipment for transportation across the globe.
  • We routinely operate across the whole of Europe and further afield – places like the USA, Hong Kong, Japan and Malaysia.
  • Our aim is to keep the costs down and get your equipment to your event on time and in pristine condition.

Why Choose Movecorp?

Our reputation as one of the premier transportation companies in the UK has grown over the years. We make sure we have the teams in place to handle a variety of customers from private individuals looking to move home to large corporations who need more specific logistics help.

We’re a member of numerous different organisations including:

  • International Association of Movers
  • Federation of European Movers Association
  • Freight Transport Association

We’re also a Which? trusted trader

At Movecorp, we know how important attending these sorts of events around the world is to UK businesses, particularly now that we’re leaving the EU. That means we’ve put in place a tailored airfreight service that is specifically aimed at those businesses who want to play a bigger part on the world stage.

Apart from a reliable and safe transportation service to any location on the globe, we can also provide secure storage for your exhibition stand.

When you do need to get everything abroad, we can put in place the logistics solutions you require – for instance, you might have products and that have to be picked up from different locations.

When you’re organising attendance at a big event halfway across the world, you want to have the simplest solutions in place. Our aim at Movecorp is to make sure we take on the burden of getting your exhibition stands there and back safely.

You can then tick that particular box and get on with more important things while we handle the transportation.

Our expert team is here right now to assist with all your logistics needs. If you want to attend an event but don’t know how to get your exhibition stand there, it’s simple. Talk to us.

Contact Movecorp today and get a competitive quote for exhibition stand airfreight worldwide.

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