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Exhibition Stand Shipping Worldwide

Exhibition Stand Shipping Worldwide

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We are living in an increasingly competitive and global arena. Getting your products and services in front of a worldwide audience is becoming more and more important for businesses in the UK.

Of course, attending an event in America or Dubai or somewhere like Australia sounds great.

But what about the logistics? How do you get all your equipment and stands to tech exhibition in New York, for example?

At Movecorp we provide safe, cost effect exhibition stand shipping worldwide for a variety of businesses. Our expert team is on hand seven days a week to make sure you get the service and the deal you are looking for.

To stand out from the crowd, businesses put a lot of money and effort into their marketing and appearance at exhibitions. They’re a great way of getting your product or service out there and show that you are an important player on the world stage.

Those stands include not only attractive graphics and impressive stands but all sorts of equipment from the latest products to interactive devices such as touch TVs and other digital solutions. All this needs to be gathered together and delivered safely, securely and on time.

That’s where Movecorp comes in.

The Benefits of Using Movecorp

We’re a well-known company with a big reputation in the UK. We offer a wide range of services from local and national house moves to helping big corporations get their equipment from A to B, wherever that might be.

To do this, we’ve employed a highly-qualified team of logistics experts who can tailor that exhibition stand shipping to your personal needs.

We are a member of organisations that promote high service standards within the transportation industry, including:

  • Freight Transport Association
  • Federation of European Movers Association
  • The Removals Industry Ombudsmen Scheme
  • International Association of Movers

Businesses can often look at an exhibition in a place like Dubai or Malaysia and think that the logistics are just too daunting. It would be great to attend but how do you get all that equipment there for a price that makes it feasible?

With tailored exhibition stand shipping we can find the solution what works for your business. It costs nothing to get a quote and you are under no obligation to take it any further.

At Movecorp we’re always trying to improve our services to make sure our business customers get the best.

You can now combine great transportation with secure storage. For large stands, it’s difficult to find a safe place to store everything when you are between events. The good news is you can now use our excellent storage facilities and link it with our transportation service – whether that’s in the UK or further afield.

Global engagement doesn’t have to be left purely on your wish list. You can make it become a reality and attend any exhibition around the world, when you want.

Promote your business around the globe.

Contact our experienced logistics team today for a free, no obligation quote for your exhibition stand shipping worldwide.

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