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We understand that moving home can be a stressful time for all involved, with our professionally trained international shipping crews and dedicated removal managers we are confident that we can help relieve any unnecessary move day worries.

We offer a full packing and unpacking service to all our customer’s or if your prefer we can supply you with the necessary packing materials so that you can undertake your own packing.

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Shipping to Olympia Greece

Olympia is a famous town in Elis, Greece, and is known for being the site of the Olympic Games in bygone times. It is home to a population of about 12,000 inhabitants and has a rich natural beauty and historic significance. A sacred centre of ancient Greece, Olympia was a key trade centre for the lumber-based industries. In recent times, agriculture and tourism have been the main trades. Olympia is one of the most popular places in Greece, mainly because of its excellent museums and temples, coupled with a captivating historic culture.

The Museum Art of Greece is a major art gallery which displays a compilation of ancient artefacts that give an insight to the culture. The place also features a folk dancing show in the evenings. Famous for the gold and silver statue of Zeus, which was regarded as one of the seven wonders of yesteryear, is the Temple of Zeus.

It displays beautiful stone columns and splendid sculptures of Zeus and Apollo. The historic site of Archaia Olympia, the Archaeological Museum of Olympia and the Museum of the Olympic Games are some other attractions Olympia has on offer. The city has a Mediterranean climate which is characterised by mild temperatures.

Shipping to Patras Greece

Patras, situated in Peloponnesus, is the third largest city in Greece. This area houses a population of about 200,000 inhabitants and was crowned the ‘European Capital of Culture’ in 2006. It is also a main commercial centre in Greece. Patras has a rich history, both culturally and commercially. It was a major centre during the Roman times.

The city has since developed and possesses a strong economy with tourism, retail and construction as its main trades. The St. Andrew Cathedral is a popular religious landmark. Its architecture boasts brilliant mosaic work. It also houses the skull of St. Andrew in a gold casket. Celebrating the history of the city is the Archaeological Museum of Patras, which displays antiquities from the Roman and the Hellenistic periods.

The collection includes sculptures, mosaics, ornaments and more. The Patras Fortress is an interesting place for a day out. This medieval castle is much visited for its heritage value. The biggest tourist attraction of the city is the Patras Carnival, which hosts cultural performing arts and literature.

The carnival consists of parades, music and dance performances as well as art workshops and exhibitions. It is among the most famous and entertaining events in the world. The city has a Mediterranean climate, which has moderate temperatures overall. Patras experiences warm summers with high levels of humidity.

Shipping to Skiathos Greece

Skiathos is a city which belongs to the Sporades group of islands and is situated in the Aegean Sea in Greece. This forested island has a population of about 7,000 people. With fantastic golden sandy beaches and thousands of pine trees, this region is popular with people relocating to sunnier climates.

In ancient times, Skiathos was the site of many battles during the Persian War. It slowly became an important shipbuilding city, and today, apart from tourism, the main source of income for the island is agriculture, and olive oil production. Skiathos has some fantastic beaches that offer a range of water sports, dotted with taverns and bars. The Maratha Beach is a little beach with fine sand and peaceful blue waters.

Also, the Banana Beach is a famous beach which offers a wide range of water sports like canoeing, surfing and more besides. Another place to visit is the Papadiamandis House which was the residence of famous writer Alexandro Papadiamandis. Today, it is a mini museum of his various works and personal possessions. The Panagia Elkonistra is a small monastery with a gorgeous interior. It also hosts an annual festival featuring art works and cultural exhibitions. Skiathos also has some spectacular caves by the names of Skotini, Glazia and Halkini, the most impressive being Skotini.

Visitors can also look forward to exploring various sandy coves and interesting boat trips. This region has a mild climate which boasts of sunny, warm summers and mild winters. The rainfall is high and well distributed throughout the area. It can also be quite windy.

Shipping to Greece Mikonos

Mikonos is an elegant Greek island, located in the northern part of the cyclade archipelago is said to be the Queen of summer tourism and the city of Hellenic nights. Mikonos is as well considered as an international, eccentric and non conformist city because of its numerous gay persons, tourists as well as foreign and local inhabitants. Mikonos is characterized by its clean, white houses in contrast to the intensive blue sky and the crystal blue colour of the sea.

The streets and the beaches of Mikonos are crowded with lots of people; it is seen as the most visited island by summer tourism all over Greece. The island also provides the possibility to partake in all kind of water sports, such as snorkelling, diving, water skiing etc. The city is characterized by a typical Mediterranean climate with warm and dry summers and mild and rainy winters.

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