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Moving can sometimes be so frustrating. There’s a lot more things to consider and needed to be done.  Good thing, moving companies are there to help you move your belongings.  To make your house moving easier, make a list of the things you will do before you move. It is a good idea to include the duration of each task for you to manage your time well. Here are some suggestions on how you can manage your time leading to the actual move.

First thing you will do is to research for moving companies nearby and obtain/compare prices.  You can access moving company website through the internet.  Decide what moving company you will hire and arrange the details. Get the layout of your new house. This will help you decide the household items and furniture you will bring along with you when you move. Start to list down all the items you have and identify those you will bring with you.

What to do 1 ½ moths before the actual move

  • Apply for change address cards with your local post office;

  • Notify important persons and companies you are connected with, i.e. friends and family, banks. You may want also to change the details for your newspaper subscriptions;

  • Start organizing your closets and storage areas. Separate those things that you will not be taking with you on your new house. 

  • You can sell those items that you won’t need or you can donate it on charities and orphanage.

What to do a month before the move

  • Purchase packing supplies that you will need on your house moving. It is advisable to hire a moving company that will pack for you;

  • Collect all the important personal documents and records that you might need on your move and;

  • Prepare for lodging if travel takes days.

What to do 2 weeks before you move

  • Transfer internet services and other utilities to your new home;

  • Prepare vehicle registration and insurance for your change of address. If you have pets, research for the best way to keep them safe while travelling to your new home;

  • Arrange the transfer of your bank accounts;

  • Cancel your daily delivery services such as magazines and newspapers. Return borrowed and rented items.

And on the day of the move, there are important steps that should be remembered as well. House moving means you need to be on top of the situation during packing. And this is true as well if the company is in charge of this task. In order to have a stress-free move, make sure to give instructions and direction to the movers before the house moving. Be available to answer all the queries they have. Just to be sure you can provide them with your emergency contact numbers so that they can report any changes in the routes or any emergencies worth noting. And finally, when all is done inspect all things and packages. You need to report any losses or damages, if any.

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