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Moving into new places is exciting for those who want to explore new opportunities in life while for some who are sentimentally attached to their current place, it is another sad goodbye to the things that they used to see and do. But enough for such emotional conflict, because there are more pressing matters in your house removal that you need to do before you actually transfer to your new place.

There are lots of preparations to do during house removal. And to facilitate an easier packing and arrangement of things, you should always have a checklist that will serve as a guide throughout the process.

Updating of Networks and Current Service Providers before House Removal
Before a total house removal, you should be able to update your electricity provider, water supplier, and telephone line company that you are no longer staying at your current place. This is to avoid continuous charging of these utilities under your name in your current area. You can just apply for a transfer of your account to your new place so that you do not need to apply for a new one.

Do not forget to update your contacts if you are moving already because they will assumed that you are still staying in your current place, so in case of unexpected events that they need to see you, they know where to go. You should do this, at least, two weeks before your house removal.

Labelling of Boxes and Removal of Unnecessary Things
Perhaps, the most tiring part of house removal is the packing of your things that you need to transfer to your new place. You can start doing this by writing again another checklist of the things that you really need to bring in your new place. Once you identify the things that are necessary for your transfer, start packing it in the boxes. And remember to condense the packing as much as possible to avoid paying fees for excess luggage and cargo during your transfer. Every box should be labelled if it is fragile or not so that during the actual day of house removal, you can avoid damage on your things by accident. Do not forget to take all valuable items with you such as jewelleries, passport, and other important documents.

For those things that you will no longer use but still reusable for others, you can hold a garage sale in your current place before your house removal. In this case, you can raise additional money that you can use for your transfer. You can also donate your properties to different humanitarian institutions that are in need of those things.

Orient the House Removal Contractor
Before the day of your transfer, you should be able to arrange the time of pick-up and delivery of the house removal company that you contracted. This is to avoid delay of departure and expected time of arrival in the area. Also, you should be able to orient them regarding your new house layout so that they can place your things properly in your new house. This is very important especially when you do not have an interior designer who can actually coach the movers when they arrived at your new house. So better be prepared with the details that you need to feed to them to avoid stressing yourself of moving your own things in your house.

House removal entails a lot of planning and coordination to avoid mishaps and failures. But everyone can always rely at house removal service providers to facilitate a convenient place transfer anytime and anywhere.

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