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Things to Know Before Moving Your House

House moving is the stressful task however with the careful organization as well as forward planning it will get minimized. We here have put some very useful checklists that will help you in every stage, beginning from the 6 weeks before the day of your move. We may advise you who you can contact, as well as useful things you can do when moving your home or take help of international home removals. Everyone is different like is each home move & we cannot include each possibility. Hopefully the tips & checklist can put you in a right direction for making the moving home experience much less stressful as the things are very easily forgotten while you have a lot to organize & think of.

European Removals

Things to Know Six Weeks Prior To Your Move

  • Confirm move date beforehand
  • Suppose you are renting, then notify the landlord of your move date
  • Get the written quotes from international home removals. Check out for th ereviews on the independent review sites prior to making the decision
  • Ensure you have the cover from a day you move in the new property in order to avoid any kind of hiccups.
  • Ask your friend’s for help and where you aren’t using the removal company.
  • Suppose you have an access content book for extra storage room before move.
  • Notify relevant utility firms of the departure.
  • Begin getting rid of the possessions that you no longer want. Sell them or else offer to the friends.
  • Suppose you want new furniture and carpets – then order them now & arrange the delivery for while you move at.

Services Offered

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Just some of the services offered:

  • Removal boxes only
  • Free storage up to one month
  • Part load shipping – shared container
  • Dedicated shipping container
  • Packing service

Two Weeks Before Your Move

  • Begin packing the non essential items in the boxes and focus on important items on a day of your move.
  • You can de-register from the doctor, dentist or optician if you are moving out of area.
  • Arrange the post to get forwarded (you are charged the fee for the service) just by visiting the local post office.
  • Then arrange for the baby sitter on a day of move just to look after the kids
  • Make the list of everybody who must know about your move and send out the change of address.
  • Inform the local milkman & newspaper store of the move & give them the date you would like to stop their service.

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