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Checklist on the Day of International Moving

No one said relocating to another country is easy. No matter how experts and even moving companies assure you, it is always inevitable to be worn out and pressured on the moving date. However, there is no need to panic and to get disoriented. It is assumed that on the day of international moving, you are already prepared so as to avoid unnecessary stress in any aspect.

It is always advisable to have your things properly and safely packed at least two months before relocation to another country. This is more especially true if you are moving to a far away country. If you are relocating to a nearby destination, you may pack your belongings at least a few weeks or days prior to the moving date.

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Here is a simple checklist you could use as a guide on the day of your international moving. By this time, it is assumed that you have chosen a trusted and reliable removal company to do the task of moving and that you are all set to leave your old place behind.

• Pack a simple survival kit. This could include items like toiletries, coffee, a few clothes, travel documents, first aid kits, tickets, money, medicines, and your check book. You should prepare for any possibility that you may arrive at your new address a few hours or days before your things do.

• Do not forget to gather and collect all keys to your old house. Be sure gas and electricity meters are also properly shut down. All telephone lines should have been disconnected. You may need to surrender all keys to the next occupant of the house.

• You may need to leave your vacuum cleaner out especially because you may need to clean up the place following the removal of all furniture. This is a sign of courtesy to the new occupants of the house.

• Walk around the house one final time to check if you have forgotten anything. Check if there are still unplugged appliances or gadgets that you may have decided to leave behind. You should not intend to create a fire after you leave.

• Sign all inventory and status reports from the international moving company before leaving.

• Lock the house very carefully.

• Lastly, move forward and anticipate a better and happier life in your new address. This could be a point of no return. Condition yourself to suit your new surroundings and neighborhood.

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