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International Removals Specialist

James Mallett

International Removals Specialist

James Removal Expert

I have nearly ten years experience in the removals industry, over this time I have personally handled over 5,000 overseas moves. I enjoy the wide variety of customers and the dealing with the challenges that each unique move comes with. I aim to provide a personal service to each client no matter how big or small the moving requirement is.

Over the years I have dealt with a wide variety of removals, these range from shipping theatre stage sets to and from Uganda and also transporting the worlds most expensive perfume across Europe.

My particular area of expertise is handling removals that have unusual requirements, for instance we move hundreds of people to Europe each year that are renovating properties and they have the requirement to move building materials, tractors, hot tubs – these types of items often fall out side the scope of most moving companies, but I am confident we can help with any such requirement.


Please contact me directly to discuss your requirements and a no obligation quote.

Direct Telephone: 01922450040

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James Mallett
Job Title
Removals Director
Middlemore Lane West,
Aldridge, Uk, WS9 8BG
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