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College life brings many firsts and offers lots of excite for would-be university freshmen. There’s the prospect of new campus grounds, and meeting new people. And there’s the idea of living independently away from the control of the parents. This is the reason why the move from home to the campus is eagerly awaited by many incoming college students. Looking forward to college and living alone is cute, but after the excitement and some drama has worn off the next thing to face is reality and getting on the practical side. One of this is doing the packing and moving from place of the student to his new pad in the campus (or off-campus). Packing and moving to the new location can be a difficult process and this is true if there are too may personal belongings and the location of the university is located hundreds of miles away. If you are on this kind of situation, it’s never too late to start packing and you are better off contacting a moving company or a smaller service provider in the form of man with a van.

Your man with a van is a small player in the industry but it doesn’t mean that the service of the company is limited. On the contrary, you’ll still get all the services you are expecting from a moving company. The good thing with this company is that it can offer personalized and hands-on services. Though it’s expected that this is a smaller company, it’s still best to get an estimate before actually signing up with their services. Get estimates from other similarly-sized companies that offer personalized services so that you will know the current industry rates. Don’t just check the website and send an e-mail to get estimates for the services that they will do. It’s better if the service provider can check out the loads and the packages that you will bring in order to come up with better and appropriate estimates. Usually this kind of provider in the industry offers by the hour charging for the use of the van, with one personnel. If there’s an additional staff to attend to the needs, the charging increases.

Be ready to ask about insurance. Though this is just a college move with a few storage and moving boxes to use, still you would want to make sure that your things are properly protected and shielded from damages. One thing that you can do is to get a moving insurance. If possible, ask the company if they offer coverage for lost or damaged items. Ask your man with a van if you can have a ride going to the place. If yes, then this can save you on travel time and travel expenses.

College move may not be a major move, but still all the preparation related to house moving should be performed. And you’re in luck since a man with a van can help you in your tasks of moving things to your next residence.

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