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Move global

Lot of people want to move global: in a country that gives prospect of sunshine, lower living expenses as well as relaxed life. For anybody thinking to move global right now there is the silver lining, in that credit crisis has actually resulted in lots of supply of the properties & tumbling house rates. On a flip side, strength of euro means that anybody coming from the non-euro country now will find it very costly to buy the property and stay there. For example, over a course of previous year British pound had 52week high of over 1.35 euros. In that rate, 300,000 euro house will have cost around £222,000. However, pound at a time of writing was 1.11 euros (hit parity over Christmas period). Thus, if that similar house has dropped as low as over 250,000 euros still it will cost over £225,000 for the British buyer.

European Removals

Strength of euro against the currencies like US dollar and pound has raised general cost of the living or elsewhere in Eurozone for a lot of expatriates and not least retirees of dollar or pound denominated pensions. Similar circumstances & scenarios are found all over the world. The recession is of epic & global proportions and with nowhere safe from the impacts. Still it is not the bad news for the prospective expatriates.

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Just some of the services offered:

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  • Part load shipping – shared container
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  • Packing service

There are good property deals had somewhere in this world. You may always find the locations and move global where the food bills and wine bottle can be the fraction to what you are paying now, and where you can soak up little sun when your friends back in their home freeze the butts off. However, suppose you’re seriously considering move global you must take in account all lifestyle factors while making the decision. Never just base the choice on new currency swings and property deals. Think very carefully about how comfortable you may feel with local culture, what educational or health services that they have and how far you will from the close family & friends.

Think where you would like to be for long term and not just due to temporary economic situation. In case it means timing is not right right now to move out where you feel that you would like to go then never be afraid and stay patient. Know if your skills & current work experience will get you the reliable job overseas there. How much you want to make monthly? Study in a way of living, which is waiting out for you in other side of this earth.

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