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Canada is a land of great wonders and friendly people. That is the reason why more and more people spend their summer holidays in the country or all together immigrate to Canada. If you are looking to move or to ship your goods and luggage to Canada, Movecorp offers the best services for clients.

European Removals

From having door to door delivery of your luggage to offering to carry out customs clearance for you, Movecorp has taken the whole game of shipping, packaging and removal a notch higher.

Services Offered

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Just some of the services offered:

  • Removal boxes only
  • Free storage up to one month
  • Part load shipping – shared container
  • Dedicated shipping container
  • Packing service

Additionally, Movecorp payment agreements are flexible and they assign you a coordinator who you will be communicating with in the whole process of your house removals and shipping in Canada. This may highly affect what kind of the removal service that you select. There are 4 major methods to transport the goods: via road, via rail, via air or sea. Type that you pick must generally depend on total distance that your goods are getting transported, suppose they have to get moved abroad, as well as how fast you want items to get delivered. So, here is the breakdown of benefits of every services:

Road – Fast transportation for the domestic moves, door 2 door service, simple & convenient.

Rail – Very useful for the long distance moves and bulky objects, however it will be slow

Air – Quick transportation of the goods, at times same day service, expensive than given options.

Sea – Very good for overseas and economical and slow.

Some of the companies may combine many of this above and tailor make service based over the circumstances. You would like to pick the removal firm, which has a lot of experience in business. This is good to check out they have the good reputation. You may do it by asking for the testimonials from the previous customers, and by looking for the independent reviews of company on internet. You may as well ask the friends and family in case, they may suggest the good removal service. Check that company has the full insurance cover, at an event any of the belongings go on missing during a move.

The budget may come in play while you are deciding at what firm to use. You may contact many removal services or ask them for the free quote, thus you may check you are getting best price. Suppose you have the limited budget, you might need to use the slower transportation choices, which are listed. There’s an option of hiring the van, or moving goods yourself. But, doing this way may need lots of time & hassle, since you may need to pack, lift or drive all your belongings. Cost of petrol and combined with van hire can work out more than only hiring the professional removal service for doing this job.

Contact us for a free quotation for your relocation on the details below and one of our team will contact you with a free no obligation quotation.

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