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For some companies and households, moving is inevitable. One moves due to the demand of the business. For example labor is cheaper on the other region, or when there are loads of opportunities just waiting to be tapped. Households move for multiple reasons as well. No matter what the reasons and motivations are, it is important to know that moving can be difficult too. It takes careful planning in order to make the plan successful. For the head of the families and businessmen trying to move their things, below are simple suggestions and guides on how the move should be made on the day.

 All moves should be planned. This means you have to prepare a checklist and all members of the family, or the small business should take part in the action.

  • Make sure to clean the house or the home office before the movers get into the action. Search every nook and cranny of the property in order to be sure that nothing is left behind. The common practice is that the moving companies will call you 24 hours before the actual moving and this will give you ample time to clean and recheck the property;

  •  Once the moving company arrives, try to be at the site as much as possible. This will make you in control of the situation and in command of the activities of the moving company;

  • If you can’t be on the site due to other important commitments, make sure that you let a trusted friend or family member oversees the moving activities. Make sure that this contact person is introduced to the company;

  • For all moves, it’s important to coordinate with the new owner or the real estate agent of the property you are living. Turnover keys and other control devices included in the property. If there are appliances that should be left out, provide the manuals;

  • Oversee the packing of things until the last and smallest package. Make an inventory of the goods and things that are being packed. If possible, take pictures of the things that are packed which can be reviewed at a later date or during unpacking;

  • The moving company should be properly informed about the exact address and the direction to your new place or home office. Consider giving out the new landline number or cell phone in case something happens;

  • Contact the company earlier if you want help in unpacking;

  • Just before the actual unpacking, the new area should be surveyed to find out where are the best places to store the packages;

  • Just before you sign the inventory sheet, make sure that you check all things and packages for possible dents and damages. Once there are missing items or damaged furniture, you must inform the moving company  and;

  • Payment may be made through cash, so be ready.


Having a plan is different from actually doing the right steps on the day of the move. Keep your cool when moving and stick to the plan, if you have any. You’ll be surprised at how easy moves can be.

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