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So you’ve decided that a new place with a new address is what you need. This is an important decision that should be made. And when you arrive at this juncture, you still have to make plans in order to make your move and transition stress-free. And in moving, you have to make sure that you are backed with a moving home checklist. Consider this checklist as your guide in making a stress-free transition from one address to the next. Listed below is a sample checklist that you can use in case you and your family decides that a move is perfect right now.

  • Inventory. Always have a “to do list” recorded on a piece of paper or notebook so you can organize and prioritize the things that you need to accomplish;

  • Record of items. Before you start packing, it is important to list all the items that you need to bring when moving home. This will help you segregate the things that you don’t need to pack up;

  • Catalog. It tells what things you will like to offer for a garage sale. A garage sale is important to dispose things that are no longer important;

  • Envelope. It should be durable and waterproof because this is where you will put all your essential paperworks and important documents. This includes your papers at work, visa, insurance policy details, plans for travelling, and other documents that are worth keeping;

  • Moving supplies. These are the things you need to pack your personal effects. This will include moving boxes of different sizes, specialty boxes, lots of packing tapes, covers and mattresses, old newspapers for fragile items, markers, pair of scissors, tape dispenser and bubble wraps;

  • List of moving companies. If you have lots of things and furniture to bring to your new home, don’t hesitate on hiring a moving company. As a matter of fact, it should be included in your budget. Having a list of moving companies allow you to choose the best service provider as you take advantage of the great deals they have to offer. Make sure that you research about their insurance policy before you pick one and sign the contract;

  • List of contact numbers. List the numbers of your friends and relatives that needs to be informed of your new address. Let your employer know your change of address before the scheduled date. You can inform them by telephone, email, or using a fax machine;

  • Medicine. You can purchase medicine days before the scheduled move. You can just keep it in your bag so you can easily take them in case of emergencies;

  • Kitchen utensils, toiletries, and food. These are the things you need to pack a day before the moving date. Keep them within your reach so you’re ready to prepare the food after you arrive on your new home.

Having a checklist when moving home saves your time and energy. It keeps you stay focused and organized. It helps you prepare in advance so that if problems and emergencies do happen, you’re  ready to act on it.

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