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Moving house checklist

No matter whether you are buying or renting, moving home is very time consuming as well as stressful activity. Doesn’t matter how much that you try, often there is a lot to remember, you are also bound to forget on something. Do not panic! Most of the things are looked after and at least rectified after your move – other than booking the removalist. However, there are some Moving house checklist you must really do prior to locking up old place as well as opening up new one – and things that will save you some money, effort and time later on. Moving the home insurance is the important one prior to you leave, however you must consider further protection for the things in case moving long distance.

Here is the brief Moving house checklist of ‘must-dos’ prior to moving the house.

European Removals

Disconnecting the utilities – electricity, phone, as well as gas — and reconnecting in the new place will save lots of work. Not just it will mean you have the good hot shower just after working everyday to move, this can mean you do not face the situation where new resident in the old home forgets changing their name on bill over to own. Whereas most of the people are honest, it is very simple to disconnect & reconnect before and when you go, thus you do not need to worry of proving while you left & getting the bills adjusted.

Moving fridge & freezer — these are tricky things for moving, not only because they’re very cumbersome, however because if it is not done rightly, then you risk damaging the white goods that will cost much to replace. It is very obvious that you have to empty it, and let freezer thaw out prior to loading this on the truck, however most of the people are not aware you want to let this sit for some time when you get to new place and without plugging this in, to let gases settle.

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Just some of the services offered:

  • Removal boxes only
  • Free storage up to one month
  • Part load shipping – shared container
  • Dedicated shipping container
  • Packing service

Forward the mail – the simple thing you can do, that can save you lots of hassle before the move. Post can forward the mail to new address, for the designated time, meaning you do not have to instantly worry of changing the addresses with your supplier companies. When you have actually moved, get on changes as fast as possible, thus you do not forget anything – remember it’s important to change the things like license directly.

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