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Do-It-Yourself, Full Service or Self Service Removal Firm

Every year many people & families change their homes. Reasons for these moves range from the new job opportunities, the families breaking up, the new families forming, the older people retiring, and other reasons. Such people have just one thing common. All should make the decision of how to move the belongings. The first question that is debated is if to use the international removals service or to complete this move as do yourself or else use the self service firm to move your household items.

European Removals

Full Service Company

The A full service international removals does what their name implies. This kind of the company takes proper care of all factors that are involved in the relocation. Removal company may send the representative to your home to talk of services that are needed as ewll as to evaluate on what items will get moved.

Services Offered

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Send a Single Box

Just some of the services offered:

  • Removal boxes only
  • Free storage up to one month
  • Part load shipping – shared container
  • Dedicated shipping container
  • Packing service

After evaluation, removal company may present the bid with price for moving, packing, and if wanted, unpacking at destination. If bid is been accepted, the date for packing & loading or moving is arranged. Removal company may send the crew of the packers some days before a move to wrap, and label their household goods. Day of your move, truck driver & some helpers may come & move your furniture in the truck. At an end a day, truck may leave and arrive at a destination on date given in original moving quote.

While removal company truck comes to destination, driver & local helpers can unload truck & place furniture in right locations. After that unpacking crew may empty this packing boxes, place items in correct places as well as remove packing debris. The full service is the easiest & least stressful method to move. For the busy modern and professional workers it’s the real convenience for having somebody else to take care of packing, loading, and unpacking or unloading the chores.

Do Yourself Moving

Such way of moving is totally opposite of full service given by the removal company. Owner of household goods should buy all boxes & packing materials, pack boxes, rent the van and truck, or drive this truck to new location. So, after arriving at new location next task is unloading truck & boxes, unpack boxes, place household items, dispose packing debris & drop this truck off at the agreed location.

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