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Moving UK to Holland & Netherlands


The Netherlands (or Holland, to many) is a country of rich culture, history and heritage. It is a country of extraordinary architecture set against a lush environment, breathtaking landscapes and gorgeous sceneries. Add all that to a wonderful climate of cool summers and mild winters and one can easily surmise why Holland is on everyone’s travel itineraries. It is also not strange that many people have, in fact, decided on moving to Netherlands.

What is the first thing that usually comes to mind when one mentions Holland? The answers are too many and varies from one person to another. Some say it’s tulips and others say windmills. Some say it’s wooden shoes, or museums, or Amsterdam canals, or even Heineken! There are countless reasons for wanting to visit or stay in Holland. But moving anywhere should be given serious thought and preparation. Before making the big decision of moving to Netherlands, one should take into consideration several factors by answering some vital questions.

• What is your purpose? People usually move to Netherlands to do one of three things: to work, or to retire, or to study. The preparation entailed depends on the purpose of moving. For instance, moving to Netherlands for studies is temporary and will require less planning since you will be leaving the country after you have completed your education.

• If you are planning to retire in Netherlands, can you support yourself financially consistent with the country’s standard and cost of living?

• If you plan on working, is there work available for you once you get to Netherlands? If you have yet to look for a job, do you have enough financial resources to support yourself until you find a job? It is important to do an inventory of your skills. Find out which jobs are available in Netherlands and if you are qualified for those jobs.

The answers to these questions will help you plan ahead. Planning ahead is essential in moving to Netherlands or anywhere for that matter.

Regardless of the purpose of moving to Netherlands, you must make an effort to learn the language. Knowing basic Dutch is enough for starters and will help you find a job more quickly because language barrier will not be an issue. It will also help you easily adopt the country’s culture since you will be able to actually have conversations with locals in their native tongue over cheese and beer.

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