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Moving House to Norway ? Oslo – Bergen – Fredrikstad – Stavanger – Trondheim

Norway, fondly called the Land of the Midnight Sun, is one of the colder but gorgeous countries in Northern Europe which comprise the Nordic Country.   With a total land area of only 385,252 square kilometers and with a population of only 4.8 million, the Land of the Midnight Sun is considered to be one of the most scarcely populated countries in Europe.   Its natural resources include minerals, oil, hydroelectric power and natural gas, to name a few.   Major industries include food processing, shipping and ship building, metal industry, mining, and fishing. Its government is parliamentary democracy that honors constitutional monarchy. Norway practices a welfare model wherein they have boasts of having universal health care for its citizens, a comprehensive social security system and even a fully-subsidized higher education system.   Norway is also considered to be one of the most peaceful countries in the world and the most progressive in terms of human development.  Currently, Norway is ranked as one of the wealthiest countries.   With all these factors, it is hardly a surprise that so many people all over the world are moving to Norway. 

When moving to Norway, one has to first consider the basic things like where to live and where to work, and if one is moving to Norway to retire, then a question that should be asked is if one can afford it.  After getting all these concerns out of the way, the next hurdle would be the moving aspect itself.   

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One of the most difficult tasks is shipping or relocating one’s belongings, furnitures and household items. There are several ways and means of shipping things such as by sea, by air, by land (through highways and railways) or a combination of two methods or even of all three methods.

One has to find a reputable moving or shipping company and the best way to find one is by making a thorough research and by gathering information on several companies first before actually choosing the one that would best suit preferences and needs.  The internet is the perfect place to find the perfect shipping company.   When the list of companies has been narrowed down, find out from families and friends if they have had any experiences with any of these shipping companies.  Also, check the internet for reviews and feedback.  All these will determine which of the shipping companies is most likely to get your valuables delivered safely and on time.

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Moving to Norway or anywhere for that matter is an expensive endeavour and knowing all the actual costs that would be incurred during moving is absolutely necessary.  It is also important to keep in mind that one need not spend more than what is necessary.  Compare all the quotations offered by these different shipping companies and find out which one will give you the biggest savings.  Ultimately, it is the safety and security of your belongings that should be given utmost priority and the company which is the most reputed and the most dependable is always the right choice.


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