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Pallet Shipping

Experts in international removal, packaging and shipping advice the use of pallets when you have several bits of luggage that need to be shipped as one large consignment. When shipping your luggage to local or international destinations, pallets are recommendable more so if your single luggage is below the minimum billable weight of your freight agency.

European Removals

The pallet you choose for your international shipping should be large enough to accommodate all your luggage without causing undue protrusions and overhangs that could be cause for injury to the personnel handling the pallet or tear of the pallet container.

Services Offered

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Just some of the services offered:

  • Removal boxes only
  • Free storage up to one month
  • Part load shipping – shared container
  • Dedicated shipping container
  • Packing service

The best pallets for international shipping are ideally made from wood or paper, and are should be sturdy enough to accommodate your baggage.

To protect you palletized international shipping consignment, make sure that it is labeled with both your name, the name of the person to receive the pallet and both your addresses. Sending the consignment internationally needs little experience if process needs to be very less of the tussle. The knowledge of shipping needs is necessary for consignment being sent in time. Or, there are unnecessary delays at shipping firm as consignment waits being cleared before the shipping. One must be totally aware of relevant requirements that actually pertain to the shipment of the cargo particularly while it is international. So, one field that consignees generally tend to ignore is international shipping calculator. The calculator generally decides how much it can cost transporting the cargo from place to place keeping in mind some other specifications of a consignment. Following are very important to know how the international shipping calculator actually works.

Firstly, length of cargo and container is been considered. It is generally measured in the inches and feet that depends on length of a container. Even though goods are been stacked in the pallet, length of a pallet is measured and it can help to calculate shipping prices being applied. In the common understanding, longer the container, higher will be the shipping rates whereas shorter the length of a container, cheaper will be the rates. The length of container thus has to be kept in mind.

Width of container has to be considered. While shipping the consignments to the international destinations, cargo is generally placed in the containers so right measurements are taken. Where the goods don’t fit in the container, they are generally arranged in the pallets and width of a pallet is then measured.

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