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Relocation to Australia

Are You Considering Relocation to Australia?

Australia is one of the best places to live in these days. This is because the environment in the continental-country remains almost unpolluted, there are numerous employment and business opportunities, costs of living remain controlled, and the federal government is very warm and friendly in welcoming immigrants.

You may need to bring with you many of your current things when you relocate to Australia. You will be moving not just yourself and your family but also your entire household. Is it really possible to bring everything when you relocate to Australia? It will help if you will get more information about what to bring and what to leave behind.

The last thing you will want on your relocation to Australia is to incur hefty costs on the activity. Perhaps this is the main reason why you intend to bring everything you possibly can when you move. You may not want to spend buying new things there when you have everything you need in your possession now. This reasoning makes sense. But is it really advantageous to bring everything with you?

Understand that every item you bring will be inspected and cleared by regulators in Australia. Many items will be subjected to duties or taxes. Household items and personal belongings that have been used for more than 12 months may be categorized as duty-free by Australian authorities. Some items may be imposed with duties or worse, may be prevented from getting in.

You should also be informed that all items you ship will be subjected one by one to a thorough physical examination by AQIS or the Australian Quarantines Inspection Service. This special inspection may extend the clearing time of the items for up to two weeks or 14 days (or longer) following the arrival to Australian ports or entry points of your shipment.

Thus, disregard claims by moving companies that all your items will be shipped directly from your old address right to your new Australian address. Even full container shipments are subject to thorough inspection by regulators. Logically, such inspections also incur standard fees. Be prepared to spend some more. Experts say that no quote can be possibly accurate. There will always be variations due to costs that arise due to inspection and clearing through Australia regulators.

Shipping to Australia of your items may also take several weeks (about six to eight weeks). This is just logical especially because as mentioned, the items are subject to inspections and regulations. Shipment by air can be very expensive so you may need to stick with shipments through sea.

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