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Shipping Parcel to France

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Do you need to send a parcel to France? There should be no problem to encounter. There are now more than enough parcel couriers and shipment companies that offer and facilitate the service. You could take advantage of the competition if you intend to find and use cheaper services. Many parcel companies offer promotional discounts especially if you are sending parcel to the top 10 most popular towns in the country: Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Bordeaux, and Rennes.

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Before you send a parcel to France, it is advisable that you choose the best shipment or courier company to deal with. There are many of such businesses in the market but not all of them are offering competitive rates and quality services. If you are budget-conscious, it is better to check out the price ranges because you surely would find cheaper rates. The most reputable shipment companies are also offering other value propositions that you could hardly say ‘no’ to. Here are the basic guidelines to follow when you send a parcel to France.

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First, check individual parcel weight as well as dimensions. They need to be within maximum weight and dimensions. Check out the company’s delivery speed and other information pages. Usually, for countries within Europe (like the UK), ideal parcel weight is at 30 kilograms. The length and girth must not exceed 3 meters. Otherwise, the parcel would be shipped as a usual package, which would be logically much costlier.

Second, be sure to check the reliability of packaging. Package your parcel correctly. You may check out the packaging tips and guidelines set by the parcel or shipment company. Or you may decide to have the company do the packaging for you. This may add on costs so it is still more advisable to do the task on your own.

Third, be sure the item you would send as a parcel to France is not included in the list of restricted or prohibited goods. You should have checked out the restrictions set before you send a parcel to France. Your parcel or shipping company would surely provide you more information on how to do it correctly.

Fourth, check out the compensation provisions of the parcel company. You could check out if the company would compensate you or provide compensation in case the item you are sending gets lost or ruined during the process of sending. You would not be sorry if the item you are sending is included in the compensation provisions of the parcel or shipment company.

Lastly, label your parcel correctly. Write the address of the recipient (as well as his/her name) legibly to avoid any confusion. It would be better if you could inform the recipient about the delivery of the parcel so he/she could expect and wait for it. You may monitor the status of the parcel from time to time. The task to send a parcel to France is logically mad better and more cost effective now.

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Send Parcel to France

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