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Shipping Boxs to Singapore



Shipping of personal effects and belongings can be done in many ways. Shipping methods vary depending on the sizes of the items to be shipped, the weight of the goods and the nature of the goods. If a person wants to ship small items such as documents, then parcel shipping is clearly the best choice.

But if one wants to ship several items at the same time or larger items that will not possible fit in a standard parcel size, or if one needs to ship heavier items, box shipping is the more appropriate choice. The trend now for travellers is to bring with them during their travels very few pieces of personal belongings and the rest of their things are shipped back ahead of time.

Not only is it a practical way but it also saves a lot of money for paying excess baggage fees at the airports. This scene is also familiar to those who are travelling back to Singapore. Shipping boxs to Singapore is a convenient way to take those shopping finds to the Lion City.

International shipping to Singapore is both practical and economical. Boxed shipping is a useful strategy for travellers and an economical way to ship personal belongings as well. The only disadvantage is that your shipped boxes may arrive in Singapore on a much later date. Other than that, shipping your boxes instead of bringing them with you on your flight is an excellent decision.

There are several things one should know when shipping boxs to Singapore. It is advisable to find a courier company or a shipping company which frequently ships boxs to Singapore. This is important because a shipping company should be familiar with the importation or Customs laws of Singapore. This is because there are some goods on which Singapore levies taxes. In general, these are tobaccos, cigars, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, spirits, beer, and wine, motor spirit, and motorcycles and motor vehicles. Some goods which are considered controlled items can be imported into Singapore but need permits or licenses for their entry.

Examples of these controlled goods are arms and explosives, bullet-proof clothes, toy guns and toy revolvers, other weapons like spears, swords and kris. Before any of these items can be allowed entry to Singapore, they have to go through the Singapore Police Force first. Items such as video games, videos, movies, publications and audio recordings, the approval of the Media Development Authority has to be obtained first.

This ensures that the items are not unauthorized reproductions of copyrighted material. Animals such as birds and pets have to pass through the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore. The same goes for meat, meat products, fish, seafood, fruits and vegetables. In order to facilitate entry to Singapore, it is advisable to make a list of all the items which are contained in your boxes. Bear in mind that shipping boxs to Singapore is to make things easier for you so it is never a good idea to make things hard on yourself by attempting to ship prohibited goods.


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