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Shipping to Cyprus


Thousands of tourists flock to Cyprus every year. It is one of the most popular islands in the Mediterranean with its Gothic castles and breathtakingly gorgeous beaches. Also, quite a number of people have fallen in love with the charming island which explains the growing number of people who have moved to live and work in Cyprus.

Ever since Cyprus has become a favorite tourist destination, we have also seen a great increase in the number of flights and sailings to and from the island paradise. That is why traveling to Cyprus is more convenient than ever and moving to Cyprus is now easy as pie.

Shipping companies offer many kinds of shipping to Cyprus like parcel shipping, box shipping and container shipping. Depending on your timetable and budget, shipping may be done by air freight, by sea or ocean freight or by a combination of both.

You can choose from among so many shipping and removal service companies to help you in packing and shipping to Cyprus. Though they offer the same basic services, some companies are more reputable and reliable than others. Definitely, you would want to hire the better ones.

After all, you wouldn’t want your precious belongings to fall into the wrong hands. When you have narrowed down the list, the next point of comparison is be the value-added services that they give to clients. When moving to another country, some people only focus on the shipping aspect and tend to forget about other equally important concerns such as packing and storage. There are some companies which offer these services for free.

There are some, however, which leave clients to take care of the packing and loading by themselves or have them pay another fee for the said services. Others, in fact, do not provide packing services at all and you would be forced to hire another company to do it for you if you can’t do it on your own. Packing and loading your belongings, especially if they include furniture, can be very tasking.

If packing is not done professionally, there is also a good chance that your belongings may not arrive in good condition. Expert packers will surely use the sturdiest packing materials and will even provide crates when necessary. So choose the shipping or removal company which will do all these things for you. Remember that removals to Cyprus need not be such a chore.

Leave your worries behind and let your shipping or removal company pack and ship all your belongings. When you board that plane to Cyprus, take only with you the necessaries – sunglasses, swimwear and bottle of good sunblock, and you are ready for Cyprus!

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