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Shipping to Greece

Greece is surrounded by three beautiful seas – the Aegean Sea, the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. It is not surprising that its maritime industry is one of the biggest in the world. Because of Greece’s strategic geographical location, it has always been a major power player in the shipping industry.

Greece has the most advanced and state-of-the-art shipping services which include not only maritime freight services but air freight services as well. Greece also has an excellent land and rail transport system which allows shipments to and from neighboring European countries like Bulgaria, Turkey and Macedonia.

Shipping to Greece is hassle-free and completely convenient since nearly all international forwarding companies provide international shipping services to Greece.

Land Freight
When shipping from nearby countries which are connected to Greece by either road or rail, shipping to Greece will cost a lot less by land freight. Land freight services in Greece include shipping of parcels, boxes and containerized items.

Air Freight
For shipments coming from farther countries, air freight is the quickest way to ship them to Greece. The cost of shipping by air freight, however, is steep compared to all other modes of shipping to Greece. Air freight is commonly used when shipping documents, small and light parcels or shipments which have to be delivered urgently or immediately.

Ocean Freight or Sea Freight

The cheapest way to ship large or bulk items such as furniture, cars, commercial goods or industrial goods is by ocean freight or sea freight. Shipments are placed in steel or aluminum containers and transported by sea. There are two options in containerized shipping, namely, Full Container Load and Less Than Container Load.

The first option is for shipments which can fill up a whole 20’ or 40’ container while the second option is for shipments which occupy only a portion of a container. In the latter option, the container will have to be shared by two or more shipments. Ocean freight takes a longer time to complete a delivery which may range from 10 to 20 days or even longer.

Multi-modal Freight
Some shipping companies offer multi-modal shipping which is a combination of two or more modes of shipping. For instance, shipments coming from Asia may first be flown to a European country and then shipped by sea to Greece. This method reduces delivery time without having to use air freight for the entire shipment process.

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