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Shipping to UK Holland & Netherlands


You finally decide to move to Holland and it’s time to prepare for the shipping of your furniture and other possessions. You’ve called an international removal company which offers shipping to Holland/Netherlands and arranged for a drop off. A drop off is a method used in container shipping where the forwarding company delivers and leaves the container at your place and gives you sufficient time to load it with your packed belongings.

Other methods are the live load method and the warehouse loading method. The live load method is similar to a drop off except that the shipping company will wait for you to finish loading and charges a fee for every hour in excess of the time allotted for you. The warehouse loading method involves bringing your shipment to the forwarding company’s warehouse. Only then will your shipment be loaded in the container.

The most essential aspect in container shipping is the quality of packing as it determines the condition your shipment will be in when it arrives at its destination. It is advisable to pack things per room. This will allow you to unpack in a more organized manner and will make it easier to put things in their proper places. Boxes must be labeled accurately and clearly to avoid confusion. Don’t forget to write “fragile” on boxes which contain breakable or easily damaged items so that they will be handled with utmost care.

When shipping appliances or electronic items, use the original packaging if they are still on hand. If not, fill the boxes with bubble wrap or packing paper to provide cushion. Fragile ornaments, glassware, silverware and other breakable items should be packed with extra care by wrapping them in linen first, preferably towels, and then in bubble wrap, too.

Plates and other heavy kitchenware should be placed at the bottom of the box while wine glasses and bottles should be placed upright and on top. Avoid packing a lot of heavy things on a single box. Instead, place heavy items at the bottom and place lighter things as you reach the top of the box. It is also advisable to use several small boxes for heavy things for easier transport.

Clothing should be packed in special wardrobe boxes to avoid permanent creases. Lamps should be disassembled and packed in boxes. When shipping vehicles like cars, boats and motorbikes, the fuel tank should be emptied first. It is also important to remove their batteries.

Write down an inventory of the items in each box. This list will be needed by customs authorities when your shipment enters Holland. It will also come handy in keeping track of what the contents are in each box.

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