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Shipping to Singapore



Singapore is a tiny island country which is best known for its tasty cuisine, discipline and impeccable cleanliness. Known as the Lion City, Singapore is considered to be a giant in the world of finance and international trade, having the second largest oil refining industry in the world. Also, Singapore has one of the busiest ports in the world. In the past few decades, Singapore has made remarkable progress in its tourism industry, making the Lion City one of the top Asian destinations today.

Many people have also moved permanently to Singapore where salaries are much more competitive than in any other Asian country. Singapore has also become a center for higher education in Asia, with post graduate students making their way from all over the world. Together with the increase in removals to Singapore, companies which offer shipping to Singapore has also increased.

Moving to boxes Singapore should not be stressful at all. It will greatly help if one is to contact or hire an excellent and reliable moving company that will ensure timely and safe delivery of good. When shipping to Singapore, one must make sure that the chosen moving company must be able to not only to help plan the move but to execute everything according to plan as well.

From the expert packing to the pick-up and delivery of the shipment to its final destination in Singapore, the chosen moving company must be able to flawlessly deliver. It is important to consider that some moving companies provide expert packing or export wrapping services. If, however, packing services are not offered, one can do the packing by himself. It is only necessary that he bears in mind the fundamentals in packing.

Before starting the actual packing of goods, make sure that all packing supplies are on hand and prepared. Use the proper packing materials for each item such as bubble wrap for fragile and breakable items like plates and glasses. Sort the items to be packed by allocating them to their respective boxes. It is easier to keep track of items if similar things are packed together in one box. It should be kept in mind though that it is ideal to keep the weight of each box limited to not more than fifty pounds.

When packing a box, lighter items must be packed on top of heavier items. Tiny or small and loose items should be bagged or boxed and then sealed before putting them together with other items in a larger box. Liquids should be stored in tightly sealed containers. The containers should be taped and then placed in waterproof bags. These containers should always be placed in an upright position and must be labelled accordingly. Small fabrics such as socks, pillow cases, scarves, and handkerchiefs should be used as fillers and should be placed in the crevices between other items.

Make a list of all the items contained in every box. Boxes should be properly and completely closed and top should be flat and sturdy. Finally, the boxes should be labelled according to their contents in order to avoid confusion.
With all these in mind, international shipping to Singapore should be stress-free and efficient, just like the country itself.


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