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Shipping UK

The United Kingdom or Britain is an island nation known for royalty and its distinct British culture.  Britain is also one of the most highly industrialized country in the worlds and is one of the world’s.  Britain has earned the respect of other nations and is, in fact, considered as one of the world’s superpowers.  Several industries exist and continue to flourish in the United Kingdom.  One of these industries is shipping.  That is why shipping to UK is usually easy, fast and cheap.

Britain boasts of its state-of-the-art shipping technology.   Together with the world’s best airports, the busiest sea ports and high-quality roads, shipping has never been easier.  With all the shipments that leave and enter its ports all day and everyday, the United Kingdom has perfected and mastered the art of shipping. 

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There are a lot of websites on the internet which are of great help to anyone who wishes to learn more about shipping to UK.  Most of these courier companies offer competitive services such as  rush delivery for parcels or cargos, excellent tracking systems for monitoring the movement of shipments, and secured shipment, among others.  Because of the intense competition among the different shipping companies, they have mastered the art of making customers happy by offering excellent services at low prices.   And also because of the volume of shipments to and from the United Kingdom, the British shipping industry has become one of the most competitive in the world.  Indeed, shipping companies have made it their mission to make shipping to UK highly efficient and free from any complication or complexity. 

To have a smooth and problem-free shipping to UK, it is important to know the importation laws and policies of the United Kingdom.  Knowing these will prevent any miscommunication and will avoid delay.

Some items  are prohibited from being shipped to the UK.

  • Cash is not allowed to be shipped.  This is to discourage thefts which may be triggered by knowledge that shipments may contain cash.  It is also for the prevention of fraud, especially insurance fraud, which can be effected by sending a small amount of cash which is covered by a hefty insurance claim.
  • Hazardous and flammable chemicals are definitely not allowed as these may cause damage and harm especially when they are subjected to heat and other elements that might trigger their dangerous effects.
  • Illegal substances such as prohibited drugs are not allowed to be brought in.  Possession of the same will also subject the person involved to criminal sanctions.
  • Illegal items such as stolen goods, artifacts are also prohibited.
  • Endangered animals and their by-products like ivory and fur are also strictly prohibited.
  • Ammunitions, explosives and weapons are also not allowed to be shipped unless accompanied by proper documentation. These are not really prohibited items.  Rather, they are controlled or regulated goods.
  • Restricted drugs, food and medical supplies are not permitted to be shipped unless accompanied by a doctor’s prescription.  These are also controlled or regulated goods.


Taking all these into consideration, shipping to UK is as hassle-free as sipping a cup of tea. 

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