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Shipping from UK to Australia

Shipping What You should Know:

Relocating from the UK to Australia is almost always positive. You could finally be heading to the ‘land down under’ because of a new career opportunity or because of a large property you have acquired in the continent-country. However, the experience of relocation could be a traumatic one especially if you would act impulsively without weighing available options.
Shipping from UK to Australia should not be a major problem. You could surely avoid any possible hassle especially if you would decide to find and hire services of a reliable removal or moving company. There are many moving firms that specialize in shipping immigrants’ things from the UK to Australia.
It is important to wisely choose the moving company that would handle shipping of your things from the UK to Australia. Shipping your things to across the other side of the planet is not an easy feat. You have to understand that it would take several weeks for your boxes to be shipped and delivered to your new Australian address. Thus, it is always advisable that you have important things be moved weeks before your actual relocation so you could make sure those would make it on time or at the same time you get to your new place.

There are two options for container shipping from the UK to Australia. First, there is a full container shipping wherein your things enjoy the full benefits of being prioritized. Transit time of this door-to-door service usually is about six to eight weeks.

The second option is the so-called shared container load shipping. It is also referred to as ‘groupage.’ It would have your things share a container with other things from another moving client going to the same destination. Because of the sharing concept, this service is drastically much cheaper. However, delivery time usually takes much longer, ranging from about 10 weeks to 12 weeks.

Understand that delivery of shipment would inevitably take longer, especially because most shipment containers are carried by sea. Upon entering Australia, all containers would be subject to clearance from the customs department, where it would take several days to be finally allowed to get in and be delivered door-to-door to any Australian address.

The time of delivery would also depend on which state your new address is. For instance, delivery of shipment to Adelaide in South Australia is usually faster by several days compared to delivery in Melbourne in Victoria. Consider these factors when planning to move your things ahead or in time for your relocation from the UK.


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