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Things to remember when packing a removal box

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Don’t let the chaos win you over!

If you have been in a removal before, you will know how difficult it is and how much more effort it requires. When in our first removal, we usually underestimate the amount of time and energy it takes, and end up rushing with tons of last minute pending things. Moving is enough of a stress in itself, and the more intelligent we can be with the packages and boxes, the better. We will save ourselves terrible headaches.

Packing is complicated, so you should take it easy. Start ahead in time and take some time to plan the whole process. Planning ahead is vital for a successful removal. Remember that not only you will have millions of details and little decisions to deal with during the packing process, but also you will have other many things running in your head. Some removals are more complicated than others. If you are changing places while in the process of selling or purchasing properties, or due to stormy familiar or romantic situations, or you’re even moving from one country to another, with all the arrangements and paperwork that takes, you sure will need to simplify things as much as you can. Packing smart is a great favour that you can do to yourself. Later, you will thank the you from the past. You can be sure of that.


Getting ready

One of the main reasons you need to plan ahead is that you will need to take some time to gather boxes, baskets and other containers where to put all your stuff. Some companies sell standard or custom boxes, so you could take some time to browse in the Internet and/or go visit some of them and check their products. Some boxes are already labelled for fragile content and others have handles or some other sort of holding device. Before going to purchase some boxes, you should review the objects that you will pack, so you have an idea of how many and what kind of boxes you will need. However, remember that sometimes you make miscalculations. Remember to save some time the week before the removal to go and purchase some more if you fall short.

Some people prefer to use post-consumer boxes due to environmental and/or economic concerns. Asking supermarkets and stores for their discarded boxes is a great idea. We recommend you to go to book and comic book stores, because they usually work with very strong and quite little boxes, perfect for carrying heavy items. Of course, always check those boxes before filling them because some of them could be damaged. You don’t want to see your stuff fall to the floor when you lift the box! 



We can’t stress enough how important it is that you keep an organized schedule and methodology when you pack up your stuff. Remember what all people say: you never know how many things you have until you move. Items will keep coming out of all places, and boxes will pile up all around your house. Packing can rapidly turn your house into an authentic chaos, and unpacking is pretty much the same case, but backwards.

You can prevent this from happening, although some chaos is always to expect in this kind of situation. To put it simple, you have to be organized even before starting to fill your first box. Plan ahead, write down your thoughts if you need. If you are noticing that some problem arises, stop and think, or else you could just make it bigger.

One good strategy is to start from the top of the house, one room at the time. This will make it easier for you to move around your home. Remember: when you start packing, boxes will pile up, and it will be much more difficult to walk. If you start from the first floor, then you’ll have to cross a sea of obstacles to get to the second floor.

Also, when you do this, keep boxes from the same rooms together . Pack one room at the time, and keep all those boxes together, properly labeled. When you carry the packages to the freight, also make sure that these groups are still together. It will make unpacking so much easier when you arrive to your destination. 

Keeping an inventory of boxes is great to control that nothing gets lost. Number the boxes and label them, and write down a short list of each box and its contents. Before the freight leaves, control that all boxes have arrived; it’s best to check every item on your list as they’re brought to your new home. 



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