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Things to remember when packing a removal box

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When moving house the are a hundred and one things to remember when moving house, therefore it is very important that you remember to allow plenty of time for packing your boxes. The general rule for packing a removal box is that do not over pack the boxes, this will allow the removal crew collecting your boxes alot of time saving. It is a fact that most insurance claims for damage when moving house items are because the box packing has not been completed properly.

When packing fragile items it is important that you have two inches of crush up paper in the bottom of the removal box, this is known in the trade as bounce. Plates should be placed sideways on and not lying flat and more crushed up paper should be used to cushion the sides of the box. Always label the boxes properly and mark as “Fragile” or “do not stack” on the top of the box, it is also important to mark which way up the removal box should be carried using a simple arrow sign will ensure the removal crew understand especially if the goods are going to another country destination and the is a chance that they will not speak English as the main language.

When packing boxes of books or heavy items, do not overfill the boxes – a general rule is not to load with over 20kg this is a normal safe working weight for one crew member to carry and most double wall removal boxes should be suitable to carry this amount of weight safely. It is well worth keeping your scale to hand especially if the quote you have been given is based on weight instead of volume or size of the box. Normally shipments that are going by air are based on volumetric weight rather than actual weight.

Packing paper can be brought from most removal companies, it comes in a 5kg bundle as standard and should be no more than £10.00. Another good option is to use old newspaper, just bear in mind that the ink might stain your items or boxes. Once the removal box has been filled it is recommended that it is taped along all edges securely joining the top and the bottom of the box. Also ways number each box in order and keep a list of the content of each box, this might be needed by your removal company for customs clearance.

Other things that can be used are foam chips or sofa cushions if you have many space to pack out any boxes that have space. Ly flat boxes are also available for clothes allowing you to place items into boxes without folding them, wardrobe boxes are also a great idea allowing you to hang garments on hangers these can be brought from most removal companies.


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