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What You Should Know before Relocation to France

If you are looking for a perfect destination for relocation, it is logical to head to Europe, particularly to France. This wonderful country is not the most popular tourist destination in the world today for nothing. The picturesque and historic Eiffel Tower could be on top of your agenda. But there are more. In the country is found the most romantic settings, the most fashionable people, the best-tasting pastries, mouth-watering meals, ravishing wines, and numerous employment and business opportunities.

Relocation to France should be a major and well-thought of decision in life. It would certainly not be a bad or wrong move to immigrate there but you should at least be well prepared for the relocation process. It is not advisable to go there without first making necessary plans for you and your family.

Furthermore, the immigration authorities of the country are known for being traditionally protective of the domestic labor force. You may find bureaucratic obstacles that would make it hard for you to relocate there on your own. It is best if you would go based on requirements and assistance of a French-based company of employer. Student visas would also go through a tedious process for approval.

After getting through the necessary procedures that would permit immigration to the country, relocation to France would involve shipping of your things at the same time. It is advisable that you have a moving company ship your things a few days or at least a week before your move, especially if you are coming from anywhere in the continent. For intercontinental relocation, it would be advisable to have your things shipped weeks before.

Be aware about specific requirements and provisions when shipping items to any French destination. These may not be allowed to enter the country: ammunitions, firearms, meat products, dairy goods, plants, live pets, counterfeit merchandise, unauthorized medicines, and narcotics. You may opt not to ship every single item you own for doing so may be too costly or may bring about troubles in customs.

As an added tip, properly set the schedule of your shipment delivery. Do not let it coincide with public holidays, month-ends and month beginnings. Choose the best and most reliable shipping and moving company as it could truly be a very important decision as part of your relocation to France. In this regard, consider all factors involved aside from costs.



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